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Sahai is one of the nation's largest providers of outpatient physical and occupational therapy services, dedicated to helping patients of all ages live better, work smarter and play harder.Physio is your helping hand and guiding voice that helps you to keep moving at the speed of your life.

Physio T.R Wambe

Wheel Chair Services

Wheelchair Physical Therapy and Fitness is a discipline that focuses on helping people develop strength and regain function of the limbs and muscles of their bodies. A patient�s need for physical therapy evolves from factors such as an injury, debilitating illness, or advancing age. Physical therapists work with patients in many settings as a form of rehabilitation. Also known as physiotherapy, physical therapy is employed in several environments, including hospitals, nursing homes, and private offices. The goal of physical therapy is to establish or maintain function for people who have lost some abilities, and thereby improve their quality of life..