Sahai Therapy Group Vision

Sahai is one of the nation's largest providers of physio therapy services, dedicated to helping patients of all ages live better, work smarter and play harder.Sahai Therapy Group is your helping hand and guiding voice that helps you to keep moving at the speed of your life.

Physio T.R Wambe

Our Objective

To Become one of the best Physiotherapist in the world.

Our Vision

To emerge as one of the best Physiotherapist group in the world. This vision on our own is not achievable but together support we can push this big vision forward

Our Mission

The mission of Sahai Therapy Group is to provide compassionate patient care with seamless coordination and to advance medicine through unrivaled education, research, and outreach in the many diverse communities we serve.

Our Values

As leaders who are committed to delivering outstanding results, we embrace the following core values that together are reflected in the way we work toward our mission, with each other, and our community.

    We provide a fully confidential service to all of our clients. We are bound by the regulations of the Sahai Therapy Group and fully adhere to these at all times. We understand that a lot of personal information is disclosed in clinic and you can rest assured that your private affairs are managed in the strictest confidence.
    As Sahai Therapy Group we know the importance of consistency in terms of both quality of assessment and treatments but also in terms of the experience you receive at our clinic.
    We as Sahai Therapy Group we know the value of honesty. We give you our honest opinions with regards to your diagnosis. If we can not treat you we will immediately refer you onto the appropriate specialist.
    Rehabilitation of injury takes a lot of time and effort both physically and emotionally. We understand that set-backs do occur at times on your journey to full recovery. As Sahai Therapy Group we will persevere with your case and ensure that you achieve your maximum potential.
    Advances in the medical field are ongoing at a rapid level in modern times due to increased funding and quality of research. This means many treatments typically used in practice can become outdated and inappropriate for use. As Sahai Therapy Group we are passionate about continued professional development. This is to ensure that your treatments are appropriate for your condition and background. We will happily research more into your condition if our knowledge is not sufficient enough to provide you with high quality care.

Our Objectives

Sahai Therapy Group is the choice for groundbreaking and compassionate health care. Our unrivaled education, translational research, and collaborative clinical leadership ensure that we deliver the best patient care—from prevention to treatment of the most serious and complex human diseases.