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Customized Patient Care

Sahai is one of the nation's largest providers of out patient physical and services, dedicated to helping patients of all ages live better, work smarter and play harder. Sahai is your helping hand and guiding voice that helps you to keep moving at the speed of your life.

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Function Evaluation Capacity (F.C.E)

At Sahai Physiotherapy Group we conduct examinations that assess an individual's physical and functional capabilities. Our FCE department provides objective information that can be compared to the physical demands of a job or another functional activity

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Welcome To Sahai Therapy Group

Individual PhysioTherapy

Sahai Therapy Group, our therapists will provide you with effective, indiv dually tailored treatment program that includes assessment of your condition, treatment using modern equipment to relief pain, tailored exercises to help you strengthen your back and avoid same or similar problems in the future, home care program and tips for stress relief. Physiotherapy can help you to return back to your daily life activities pain-free and strong.

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Sahai Therapy group is an elite physiotherapy and rehabilitation facility based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We offer Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy and Workplace Ergonomic Programs under one roof. Our main focus is to help our patient restore movement and function when affected by injury, illness or disability. Our main goal is to evaluate and maximize the human function, movement and offer our patients a stress-free life.

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In addition to our Electrotherapy, Laser, Cryotherapy, Ultrasound, and Shock-Wave, we are offering BIODEX SYSTEM PRO 4 sophisticated rehabilitation equipment. BIODEX SYSTEM PRO 4 is used to evaluate the musculoskeletal system, upon which therapist is tailoring treatment individually based on the results. With help of BIODEX SYSTEM PRO 4, we are now enabled to help you recover faster whether you have a Sports, Orthopedic or Neurological condition.

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Many of our clinics offer specialized services. Visit the web page for the clinic nearest you for a complete list of available specialized services.

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